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Question: Once my website is paid off, will I own it completely?

Answer: Short answer, yes! Once you have paid the full amount due, your site will go live and its all yours never to be taken down for a late payment. If you decide to sign up for our monthly plan, you will own it at the end of the 24 month period.


Question: What is the first step in the design process?

Answer: We always start out with a website mock-up. Once we get that looking like you want we begin building the site using code.


Question: Why should I choose Web Design in Tyler and not one of your competitors?

Answer: If you choose us you are going to get a completely original site that is designed to get you at the top of the list on search engines.


Question: Do you host my website for me?

Answer: Web design in Tyler by ETV Software has full capabilities to host your website for you. However, if you would like to host it elsewhere there is no fee for that.


Question: What if I want to add anything to my website in the future?

Answer: We will factor into the cost of the website what you will require us to teach you. We also offer retainer packages that allow you to request additional hours after the site has been paid off already.


Question: What services do you provide other than website development?

Answer: Not only do we design and implement your own personalized website, but we also design and create company logos and business cards. Not only that, we also develop custom software and provide digital marketing to businesses. 


Question: I am interested in a website but I do not have time in my schedule to come in for a meeting. Is it possible for you to meet me at my place of business?

Answer: Yes! Here at Web Design in Tyler, we are more than happy to meet with our prospective clients at any location that is most convenient for them. 

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