When to Rebrand Your Business

Slack made a new logo and people all over the country are voicing their opinions. Most everyone’s initial reaction is of confusion; why would they change what was already so well recognized and liked by most people? The company’s official statement is that their original logo was dated and was too tricky to make look right on different platforms and color schemes. When branding, that is one of the most important things to consider is where else besides one place can you utilize your image? Will it look good slapped on various branding materials or advertisements, or will it only look good on a white background? The company has stated that “It uses a simpler color palette and, we believe, is more refined, but still contains the spirit of the original,” the company writes. “It’s an evolution, and one that can scale easily, and work better, in many more places.” They have also said “The updated palette features four primary colors, more manageable than the original’s eleven, which suffered against any background color other than white. These have been optimized to look better on screen, and the identity also retains Slack’s distinctive aubergine purple as an accent color.”

Although these statements by the company make sense, others are not too easy to accept the new logo design and the reason behind it. People on twitter are comparing it to a swastika, and making the valid point that it’s not hard to design a logo that doesn’t resemble that symbol. It’s uncertain what the future for this new logo is for the time being. It could go either way and this year will be a big one for the company as they either decide to stand by their new logo or listen to their customer’s viewpoints.

Here are some key points to keep in mind when you are rebranding your business.

1. Understand your mission and values well

2. Develop a rebranding strategy that works for your business

3. Keep your customers and competition in mind

4. Collaborate with the whole team and listen to everyone’s input

5. Manage the rebrand closely and don’t rush the process

6. Launch and be confident in the rebrand

It can be exciting to rebrand and it could mean opening up new doors for your business. That being said it should not be a rushed project and it needs to be carefully scrutinized to make sure there is no room for error. Your logo is the first reaction people will have with your company, it could bring in clients or it can push them away. Make sure you are working with the right agency or team of artists that know all the insider tips and tricks to create for success in 2019.

Behold, Slack’s new logo