Exciting Trends To Keep In Mind In 2019

It’s now 2019 and things are looking a little different in the web design world. If you haven’t already done your own research we went ahead and compiled for you a list of some of the most exciting trends to utilize or ask for in 2019. We have exciting details featuring colors, layouts, typography, and a so much more!

  • For Modern Design Lovers

The Broken Grid Layout pushes boundaries and is unexpected. It’s the perfect design if you are wanting to get attention drawn to your company or to just keep things experimental. This design was around in 2018 but it will most likely be a prominent feature of 2019.

  • Approachable and Human-Centered

Organic Design Elements are sure to be used more regularly in 2019. This direction can create a calming effect in its viewers that is not easily achieved with more rigid lines like circles or squares. If this element aligns with your companies outlook or branding it could be the perfect fit for you!

  • Keep It Retro

In some ways using a more nostalgic or retro pattern or color can be one of the most modern design trends out there. The juxtaposition between the differing timer periods can actually make people think they are seeing these fonts or images for the first time and for some bring them back to the good old days!

  • Enhanced Image Treatments

Treating images of people, animals, or objects can be a bold statement. It can grab peoples attention and enhance the website design overall. This can be done by cutting or cropping objects into unlikely or even abstract environments. The list goes on for this design method, and it is sure to make an appearance in 2019!

The list of trends can go on for a long time. We know that businesses like yours are very busy and you want a design team that can create the perfect look with minimal questions asked. We’re the web design team for your company. Let’s get started.