It’s astounding how quickly web design trends change.

It’s so quick that you can have a completely modern and sleek website design one day, and then a few months later it looks tired and dated. We have compiles some important aspects in web design that we always keep in mind when doing projects for you or our other clients.

1. Keep it fast

Making sure images are kept at a reasonable size and that only the most necessary images are used is important when keeping speed in mind. People have really short attention spans, and if something takes too long to load they will not hesitate to give up on your site after or before 3 seconds.

2. Keep it flat

Not only do flat minimalistic designs look better to people at the present moment, but they are much quicker on both mobile and desktop. Keeping things flat also allows for more SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which will greatly help you to get your website at the top of Google listings. Readable fonts, bright colors, and interesting illustrations are all you need right now to have a fast and captivating website.

3. Keep it mobile first

Google has now put mobile-optimized sites at the top of mobile search engine results. This is now the most often way people are searching the internet so we make sure we design first for mobile, then desktop, then tablet. This trend is most likely going to increase over time, we cannot wait to see what 2019 will hold for mobile optimization.

4. Keep it moving

Video is becoming more and more popular on the web, it’s engaging and thought provoking and can be pleasing to the eye. You might think that video backgrounds on your website will work against your sites speed, but it has actually shown to improve conversion rates. It seems that on social media platforms video is prioritized over other kinds of mediums. Not only that but when a person lands on your website and sees a video they are more likely to stay and watch it for a while.

There are many more trends that 2019 will surely encourage in web design. It’s up to us designers to pick and choose which ones are best for each client, as well as create new trends and stay current as the years go by.