There’s no going back.

Once those 4 seconds are up, impressions are nearly permanently ingrained into a viewer’s mind. And it’s very hard to go back. This is what makes a business strategy so important to a business. Everything from what your brand believes in, its philosophy, to its appearance. Think about the likes of Apple. What are the first few adjectives that come to mind? Some techs would have negative ones like closed-system, pompous, etc. But others would think: innovative, minimalist yet bold, creative, etc. All of those words, those thoughts, make up your brand. And it’s important for business owners to realize that the way people view their company isn’t always the way the owner imagines the way people view their company. Being honest with yourself is key to being successful because it gives you the opportunity to improve.

When you imagined Apple, you probably automatically think of their logo. And you’re right. Most people either see a logo and they think to themselves, “Ah, that’s a person I would trust with my business.” Or they will inversely think, “Man, it doesn’t seem like they put much thought into their business. I don’t think I would trust them.” Remember the old phrase “Never judge a book by its cover”? Well, the fact is that most people don’t abide by that rule. In business, it’s all about differentiation which separates the goats from the sheep.

If you’re starting to look into creating a business, don’t skimp on the aesthetics. They are the first impression that you will get with thousands upon thousands. Hopefully millions. It is a big cost to have an impression that isn’t worth a second-take.

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