For many years, web design has become a saturated market. With the creation of Wix, Squarespace, and a plethora of other DIY applications, web design has seemingly taken a backseat to the idea of getting something for “free”. The only issue is that there many hidden costs to “free” web design.

Unprofessionalism– We have approximately 4 seconds to make a first impression in today’s society. A website is largely considered to be your “curb appeal” to most people. If your website doesn’t contain information about your company, its merits, and isn’t loading quickly – your bounce rate will increase three-fold. High bounce rates mean that traffic is coming to your website, but something isn’t making them stay. Usually, with DIY applications, the general public will simply upload the first image they can find not knowing that it’s perhaps a 50 MB file and will make your website load incredibly slowly. Increasing the bounce rate and decreasing potential customers. Which is never good for any business.

Tarnished Brand Image– As we stated previously, web design is a highly targeted field when it is done correctly. It’s important to take into consideration, not just from a design angle but, from a marketing angle the effects that the website will have on your brand’s image. If you’re an engineering company, you don’t want to have the same design and marketing tactics as a fast-food chain or even your closest competitors. It’s important to differentiate your brand enough that it fits within your vision but also sets your company apart from the rest – and that reflects your product. And to some who may have had bad experiences with your competitors, your company “feels” different enough that they will decide to choose you instead.

Lack of Product Integration– Another issue facing businesses who decide to go with “free” software is that if the business decides to begin implementing their products into their online store, it can actually cost you more to upgrade your site from a traditional one to an e-commerce platform. If not in cost, in design. Many of these applications aren’t exactly fully-responsive when it comes to online stores. Whereas if you build it with a professional company, like Web Design In Tyler, you can seamlessly implement your products into your website and implement them responsively.

Lack of Differentiation– DIY applications aren’t known for having a “the sky’s the limit” approach. Oftentimes, they have a few certain themes that you can choose from which are almost entirely the same in some form or fashion. In order for your business to stand out from the crowd, which is ultimately the goal of any competitive business, it takes a little more than simply going to a random site on the internet and building a website. Local hosting and servers can be much speedier than those hosting millions of businesses – likely with the same theme as you.


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Always remember that when something is “free”, YOU are the product.